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Sat, Mar 11


Haven Games and Hobbies


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Time & Location

Mar 11, 2023, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Haven Games and Hobbies, 95 High St Unit 8, Enfield, CT 06082, USA

About the event

There exists a utopia that thrives underneath the light of a sentient Sun. A region bordering a great desert that changed forever when its God transformed into a literal sun disk. Its skies never darken, its people are rumored to never sleep, and its crops never wither. It’s said that this land is so abundant with divine energy that Gods are born there every year. In the heart of this fertile plane lies a land known only to its people as…Rekhut.

Rekhut is a lush paradise founded on the Iteru, a massive river said to have been blessed by the god Hathor herself. Adjacent to a massive desert kingdom, it is a region full of wandering giants and mythological beasts. Full of immaculate monuments as large as mountains and kingdoms ruled by Pharaohs as old as the Gods they worship.

Cursed these Pharaohs are. After the collapse of the Old Kingdom, the palaces of queens and kings became their everlasting tombs and out of them came the Pharaohs, immortal and merciless. Their armies now maintain order in the land and march endlessly between cities.

Yet there is also beauty in the landscape. Behold, the wonders of Rekhut: the hanging Gardens. The Great Burning Library of the Ifriti. The Living Sphinxes. The Fighting Pits of the Sandsworn. Tombs and mausoleums too great to count. And to the east are the Pyramids of RA and the fabled city of Araste in a land said to be ruled by Dragons.

What secrets protect this seeming utopia? What mysteries may be floating down river on the Iteru? What is behind the abundance of divine energy and if Gods can be born in Rekhut, what is to stop an adventurer from becoming one too?

6 Player Table Limits

$5 Table Fee

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